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History of Profpoint

Profpoint was founded in 2006 by Byvalova Elena Alexandrovna. The company was then known as EMG-Partner. At first, the company cooperated with major industrial and commercial companies conducting complex HR-research projects. EMG-Partner specialists issued large-scale annual and semiannual salary reviews. In 2009 the company became the leader in Mystery shopping projects in St Petersburg. After the financial crisis of 2009 the company grew and became stronger. It started new stage of development in and changed its name to Profpoint. Profpoint provides professional analysis of your business, impartial view on your problems.

Profpoint today

Office of Profpoint is located in St Petersburg. The company’s employees are graduates of the best universities of St Petersburg, specialists in sociology, marketing, psychology, economics, mathematics. The company consists of two departments: the department of project implementation and the department of development. The department is project implementation is headed by Inna Klimova. The department works on Mystery shopping projects and consists of 9 managers. We currently work with several automobile sales centres, pharmacies, banks, shoe stores, hotels and restaurants, cell phone carriers, home appliances hypermarkets, tableware stores, electronics stores, Swizz watch salons. We arranged Mystery shops imitating robbery and complex analytical individual checks of sales experts. Department of development consisting Olga Karaseva, Eugenia Nemkina and department assistants work on the company promotion, development and implementation of new non-standard consulting projects.

Mystery shoppers can contact our managers directly via our VK.com page for Mystery shoppers. If you have questions to us but you are not yet one of our Mystery shoppers, you can contact us on our public VK.com page.  You can find out how to join our team here.

Mission Profpoint

We help you develop your business because we see it from the point of view of your clients but act as professionals.

Values of Profpoint
Our clients are our partners. Our goal is to make our relationships with clients mutually advantageous, we respect our clients and are always attentive to their successes and problems and so are they.
We can find solutions to problems. We have vast experience and understand our clients’ requirements and problems. We pay attention to the tiniest details. We do not just see problem areas, we give complex and impartial assessment and suggest the best solutions.

Responsibility and honesty are two main principles we follow in work with our clients. We are aimed at achieving results and do not leave anything to chance. We always keep everything under control.

Corporate principles of Profpoint

Equality. The main strategy of our company is the strategy of partnership. Our goal is to make our relationships with clients mutually advantageous, we respect our clients and are always attentive to their successes and problems and so are they.

Flexibility. We do the best in our job and give our clients a chance to look at their business from a different angle and make it more successful. We are always flexible and think of the client’s comfort – we always try to offer our clients the most advantageous ways of cooperation.

Hand in hand. Our main asset is our employees. We all contribute to the development of the company by sharing our ideas, knowledge and skills. We share the same views but remain individuals.

Step by step. We know what we want. We implement projects step by step, gradually moving towards our common purpose. Being successful in our job, each of us helps the company develop and prosper.

Reliability. We treat out job with great responsibility. We always keep everything under control. We are not afraid of complicated tasks, we always find solutions.

Development. We always move forward. We strive to constantly develop professionally and personally, we are always open to something new. We are sure that our successful development stems from our knowledge, new ideas and technologies.


We are happy that you are interested in our work. You can follow our news on the website. You are welcome to send your questions to our e-mail address.

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