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Profpoint collaborates with various businesses. Our company outsources functions such as accounting, technical support, website development. We strive to have several partners for large-scale Mystery shopping and market research projects in every region. We choose our agents very carefully since their failures are our failures. We are responsible for results quality and we require our partners to be just as responsible. We are ready to support our partners by providing information, consultations, etc. We are always ready to praise those who do their work well. We aim to establish long-term relationship with our partners, but we are also always open to new offers.

If you provide services that might be of interest to us, please send your offers to our e-mail address. If you want to become our partner for Mystery shopping and market research projects, please send us information about your experience, costs, and the territory you are ready to work on.

We are always open to mutually beneficial cooperation and exchange of experience!  Daily we communicate with thousands of Mystery shoppers and with our clients. We write articles and update our official page. We are very flexible and are ready to various forms of cooperation. If, for instance, you would like to exchange links and information or arrange joint campaign for partners, please contact Inna Klimova.

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