A mystery shopper (or mystery shopper) is a person who, disguised as an ordinary customer, comes to the store and consults with the seller: he asks questions about the availability of goods, their quality, and additional characteristics. The employee’s reaction must be memorized and written about it in the report. The general appearance of the staff, its efficiency, friendliness and many other aspects can also be assessed.

First of all, it is the opportunity to earn extra money. Such work can be combined with any profession – everyone has the opportunity to visit the store, because most of them work 7 days a week from 10.00 to 22.00. You can search for checks near your home and spend a small amount of time on them: from 15 minutes to one and a half hours for one company. The pleasant advantages of work can also be attributed to free visits to restaurants, gas stations, hotels. Of course, such visits are always very popular and most often go to the best employees. Just like in any other job, mystery shoppers are immersed in a new environment of communication, get new experiences and knowledge.

The selection of project participants is based on a portrait of the buyer, drawn up by Profpoint together with the research client, which includes socio-demographic characteristics, as well as additional conditions, for example, the presence of a car.

It depends on several factors. Once you have registered and it has been confirmed, you are automatically entered into our mystery shopping database. Further receipt of checks depends on your socio-demographic characteristics and the availability of checks in your locality.

You need to understand that this work is free-lance. Its volume is not fixed and changes every month, and the mystery shopper cannot consistently participate in the same projects every month, because after 2-3 visits to one object, his anonymity can no longer be maintained. Due to the irregularity of such work, the earnings of a mystery shopper can vary from several hundred to several thousand rubles per check, depending on its complexity.

After you have completed the check, filled out the report on the portal and sent it to us, our employees will check it for compliance with the requirements of the instructions. If the report meets the requirements, we approve the payment and transfer the money for the performed checks to the QIWI wallet / Webmoney / Bank card.

The main thing in working as a mystery shopper is the opportunity to contribute to the development of leading companies and improve the level of service in your city. Also, thanks to the work of such “secret auditors”, companies can look at their work through the eyes of the client – to understand how the seller interacts with the buyer and what can be improved in terms of service.

The main qualities that we pay attention to when working with Mystery Shoppers: responsibility, communication skills, mobility, interest in improving the quality of service. Also, you must be over 18 years old, you must be a confident PC user and have a phone with the function of a camera and a voice recorder.

It is not difficult to join the ranks of our agents, and in order to maintain anonymity, we always rotate mystery shoppers participating in projects, so we always need new employees. The easiest way is to register on our portal (link). After approval of registration, you will receive a letter to the specified e-mail, which will describe further steps to take part in projects. Also, having entered the database of our mystery shoppers, you become a recipient of newsletters about current projects of the company.

We organize checks in all localities in Russia and neighboring countries. Many checks also involve compensation for travel to neighboring settlements. Moreover, if you are planning a vacation / trip to another city, notify our coordinators, we will try to find you a check in this locality on the date of your stay there.

It is very important how you will do the first and all subsequent checks: how much the instruction has been completed, how the questionnaire was filled out, what quality audio recording you got. We also pay attention to adherence to deadlines and ease of interaction with you. If you prove yourself from a good side, we will entrust you with checks with a higher payment. And vice versa, if in the process of working with you we are faced with delays or poor-quality work, such an employee is sent to the Black List, because quality and terms are the key requirements of customers, and, accordingly, our starting points.

According to the terms, we transfer money for verification within 40 working days (approximately 2 months) from the date of the mailing. Mailing with information about charges is made after the 15th day of the month following the checks. For example, you made a check on May 25th. On June 15, you received a letter with information about the charges for the previous month. From the moment of receipt of this letter, a period of 40 working days is counted.

If you have any questions related to the operation of the portal, payment, etc., you can always write to us by e-mail Letters to this address are visible to all employees of the company. If you are already registered on our portal, sending your question to this address, do not forget to indicate your full name, city and id in the system. We are also always glad to communicate with you in the Profpoint Vkontakte Mystery Shopper Group. Please note that we are open on weekdays from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, the rest of the time we cannot answer questions.