A mystery shopper is a person who makes visits to various points of sale, restaurants, gas stations, hotels, clinics, etc., in order to assess the quality of service. The final stage of verification for the mystery shopper is filling out a questionnaire, where it is necessary to reflect the objective parameters of the assessment, describe your subjective impressions and provide the necessary photo / audio materials. For their work, mystery shoppers receive a reward, the amount of which depends on the complexity of the check and on how well the check was performed.

You can learn about how to become a Profpoint Mystery Shopper, what requirements we set for applicants, the payment procedure from our presentation below.

Profpoint conducts more than 10,000 inspections every month throughout Russia, as well as in neighboring countries. We are always open to new employees and partners.

It is not difficult to join the ranks of our agents, and in order to maintain anonymity, we always rotate mystery shoppers participating in projects, so we always need new employees. The easiest way to get into our ranks is to register on our portal.

After approval of registration, you will receive a letter to the specified e-mail, which will describe further steps to take part in projects. In your personal account, you can see the available visits on the map, select and respond to checks, view instructions and questionnaires. Also, having entered the database of our mystery shoppers, you become a recipient of newsletters about current projects of the company.