Inspect your points of sale


How sales take place at each retail outlet and what influence prices, merchandising, advertising and POS materials, and the activity of competitors have on them – such questions are relevant today for many suppliers and manufacturers of goods. An important tool in measuring this kind of data is the Retail audit or POS Audit.

POS Audit or Retail Audit is a type of marketing research aimed at a comprehensive analysis of a POS. According to some experts, using this technology, turnover can be increased by 30% within three months.

With the help of a trade audit, the following parameters of a point of sale can be investigated: the actual availability of goods, its stock and prices, display of goods, compliance with merchandising standards, the availability and availability of the necessary POS and advertising materials, compliance with retail outlet design standards, analysis of prices and advertising activity of competitors … In most cases, this type of research is of interest to retail chains, as well as manufacturers and suppliers of goods, since they do not have a complete picture of how well the goods are presented in the store, whether the display standards are followed and what price the seller has set for it.


Evaluation of the representation and variety of goods in stores, the profitability of its location, the literacy of the placement of advertising and POS materials, the range of prices for products in various outlets, compliance with the design standards of the outlet

Control of staff work: dealers, sales representatives, consultants, merchandisers

Assessment and formation of the company's pricing and assortment policy

Revealing the marketing activity of competitors: pricing policy, quality of display, volume of placement of advertising materials, promotions

Identification of problem areas (incomplete assortment, lack of competent layout, ineffective placement of advertising materials, irregular deliveries of goods, etc.) and development of sound recommendations for their elimination

Assessment and formation of the company's pricing and assortment policy


It is useful to audit a retail outlet both at a time and at regular intervals, which allows you to track the current state of affairs. With a one-time check, you can get information at the moment, for example, during the launch of incentive events. Conducting an audit with a certain frequency (once a month / quarter / six months) allows you to monitor the current situation, as well as assess the general trends in the development of the outlet and promptly make changes as required by the market conditions.


An audit of a point of sale can be carried out both with official permission and secretly. When conducting research by this method, the observer is given a pre-developed form, where during the check the corresponding data are entered, depending on the tasks set. Additionally, photo and / or video shooting can be carried out, which allows you to obtain additional information about the quality of merchandising, the presence or absence of goods, promotions and incentive events, the activity of competitors, etc.съемка, которая позволяет получить дополнительную информацию о качестве мерчандайзинга, наличии или отсутствии товара, промоакциях и стимулирующих мероприятиях, активности конкурентов и т.д.