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Customer service quality assessment is a key indicator for service companies. Various methods can be used to evaluate it, among which Mystery shopping research is the most common and effective. What is Mystery shopping, how to conduct research correctly, what tasks are solved by companies with the help of Mystery Shoppers and how much research costs read in this material.

Mystery shopping or Mystery shopping is a type of marketing research aimed at assessing the quality of service received by a client in the process of purchasing a product or service. Thanks to mystery shopping, you can collect factual information about how the seller interacts with customers: whether the company’s standards and discipline are observed, what service shortcomings exist, etc.

In the first third of the twentieth century, Mystery shopping was used by private investigators (undercover collaborators) to prevent theft among staff – mainly in banks and retail stores in the United States. In the 1940s, the American marketing company Wilmark first coined the term mystery shopper. The service became widespread in the 70s of the last century, and in Russia only decades later – in the early 2000s.


Mystery Shopper research is essential for all types of business that work with clients – company management, business owners, franchisors, manufacturers and distributors. This research is an excellent opportunity to get reliable information about the quality of service in the company not from the mouth of its employees and subordinates, who are often not objective in their assessments, but from “first hand” – from disinterested secret inspectors.


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What tasks does the study allow to solve?


  • Identify the reasons for unsatisfactory sales dynamics;
  • Conduct a detailed analysis of competitors in the field of service and maintenance;
  • Identify the reasons for the “transition” of customers to competitors;
  • Identify the reasons for the decline in the quality of staff work;
  • Monitor the observance of the new corporate standards by the personnel;
  • Check the work of your dealers, partner companies, franchise companies (for b2b);
  • Collect information for drawing up training programs for service personnel.


  • Improve the quality of service;
  • Assess the level of implementation of customer service standards in your company;
  • Monitor the work of the network personnel even at the most remote points of sales and service;
  • Receive regular information from buyers about the level of service of a sales or service point;
  • Maintain the work of staff at a consistently high level;
  • Use research results as part of a staff motivation scheme.

The working process

Step 1

Determination of the tasks and objectives of the study

Step 2

Development of the questionnaire and the verification legend

Step 3

Selection of a buyer, verification

Step 4

Filling out the questionnaire, transferring data to Profpoint

Step 5

Validation, data processing, reporting

Step 6

Transfer of data and analytical report to the Customer

How is Mystery Shopping research carried out

The mystery shopping procedure itself is carried out as follows. The client, together with the agency of his choice, determines the task and purpose of the study, concretizes the problem, selects the parameters for evaluating the outlet, a questionnaire is developed, which is filled out after the visit. Then it is determined who will be the Mystery Shopper (gender, age, social status) and scenarios of their behavior. The next question is the number of points checked and contacts with “mystery shoppers.” After the check, the questionnaire is filled in by the Mystery shopper from memory (if no video or audio recording was used) and handed over to the agency. After the end of the promotion, the client receives processed Mystery Shopper questionnaires with generalized verification results and recommendations from the agency to improve the work of the enterprise.


  • Rich experience in assessing the quality of staff work.
    Since 2006, we have conducted hundreds of thousands of inspections for various business segments: from regional chain stores to premium car dealerships. We are ready to organize checks with complex scenarios, provocative checks, checks using audio / video recording equipment;
  • Individual approach.
    We select methods and tools for personnel assessment based on the goals and needs of the client, as well as the scope of the customer company;
  • On-line portal for project management.
    The ability to fully control the course of the study and receive results online thanks to special software (a new version of the software was released in 2017);
  • An extensive database of auditors.
    Our database numbers more than 100,000 inspectors from all over Russia and neighboring countries and continues to grow thanks to our recruiting work. We are ready to select mystery shoppers in accordance with the consumer profile of your company and provide the necessary rotation of inspectors;
  • Own analytics department.
    By agreement with the client, the department specialists are ready to draw up the necessary reports taking into account the statistical, analytical, recommendatory components
  • Data quality control.
    Checking the compliance of candidates with socio-demographic characteristics, literacy, mobility, assessing the efficiency of work, checking the data of questionnaires received from secret buyers;
  • Wide geography.
    Implementation of projects in settlements of the Russian Federation with a population of 5000 inhabitants, as well as in neighboring countries;


The most frequently asked questions from potential clients include the question of the cost of research using the Mystery Shopping method. The answer to this question requires careful analysis, since the total cost will depend on many factors, the main of which are:

  • Payment for labor Mystery shoppers.
    It is determined by the time spent on preparing and conducting the check (briefing, studying the legend and the scenario, the time to move and the time spent at the facility, filling out the questionnaire), the availability of the necessary technical means to carry out the study;
  • Project coordination.
    Selection of performers in accordance with gender, age, social criteria, as well as the characteristics of the project, for example, the presence of a car of a certain class for checking a car dealership.
  • Analysis of the results.
    Depending on the wishes for reporting – the presence of statistical, analytical, recommendatory components.
  • Fixed costs (informational, educational, motivational component).
    Development and operation of software for projects and receiving feedback, storing information on virtual servers, training specialists.


Based on the results of all inspections carried out by Profpoint, customers are given access to program for project management Mystery shopping … In the personal account, in the form of a table, all the questionnaires checked by the company’s employees, all video, photo and audio materials of the checks are reflected. At the end of each questionnaire there is an opportunity to comment on the check, as well as return it for revision, accept the questionnaire, send the questionnaire to the regional manager or upload the questionnaire to Excel. Also, by agreement with the client, Profpoint analytical department specialists are ready to draw up the necessary reports, taking into account the statistical, analytical, recommendation components.